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4 Easy Tips To Lose Belly Fat Without Getting Hangry

Ok, here are the 4 secrets to getting rid of belly fat according to the experts at

  1. More movement
  2. More fiber
  3. More sleep
  4. Less stress

Really, that’s it. Belly fat can create havoc across our body’s systems including increasing our blood pressure and blood sugar levels to overtaxing our heart, arteries and liver. Belly fat can even lead to breast and colon cancer according to many studies. Plus, belly fat stores toxins, meaning people with belly fat can be more toxic, and in turn more fatigued and immune suppressed, than those with a trimmer waistline.

So how do we master our mid section without becoming hangry? Hangry is the state of becoming so hungry you feel angry. Hungry plus angry equals hangry. Well it’s pretty simple. Post these 4 tips on your refrigerator and follow them:

1. Move around more & detox
Brisk exercise, where you work up a sweat, is critical in controlling belly fat. Sweating not only reduces belly fat it removes toxins from your body too. So get out there and shake a tail feather. Walk, bike, row, jump rope, bounce on a trampoline, dance, rake leaves, clean the garage, or chase your kids around the house. Whatever you do just make sure you’re briskly moving and getting sweaty, at least 4 days a week at 20 minutes a pop, to lose belly fat. The more you move and sweat the more belly fat you’ll lose. There are ways to detox further, without moving. Try adding Thin & Sexy essential oil by Essanté Organics to your steamy shower each morning. The benefits are astounding and you can read about them by clicking on the link.

2. Fill up with fiber
Research shows if we change just 1 thing in our diet – if we just start eating 10 grams of fiber a day – we will build less belly fat than people who do not eat at least 10 grams of fiber per day. So, what’s an easy way to fiber up every day? Enjoy one delicious, fiber-rich protein shake every day, like certified organic, vegan, 7.365 pH Shake by Essanté Organics. Starting your day with this delicious, smooth shake (which comes in chocolate, vanilla or salted caramel) is no hardship at all, it actually tastes like your cheating! Essanté Organics’ shakes cleverly include fiber rich pea protein. Add 1 cup of green peas to your dinner plate each night or add 1 delicious Essanté Organics shake to your morning routine each day to lose belly fat. Tip: use fiber rich almond milk to make your shake, or throw in a bit of fiber rich avocado to make your shake extra creamy (you won’t taste the pea protein or the avocado).

3. Sleep tight and sleep right
Getting a specific amount of sleep is proven to reduce belly fat, that means not oversleeping and not under sleeping. When we get 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night we gain less belly fat compared to people who sleep 5 hours or less or 8 hours or more. So be conscious of sleeping in the sweet zone and get no more and no less than 6-7 hours nightly for a better looking belly. If you normally sleep than more than 7 hours a night set your alarm sleepy head. If you have trouble sleeping at least 6 hours straight nightly, consider using Essanté Organics Sweet Dreams essential oil to support sleep. Customers swear by Sweet Dreams and you can check out the testimonials by clicking on the product link.

4. Relax
We all get stressed but it’s how we handle it that matters most. The easiest way to de-stress is almost too simple to believe. Just breathe. Go ahead, take a big breath in right now. Pull that air in through your nose and bring it down deep, all the way in to your lungs (so they expand), then let it all the way out through your mouth. Repeat. Doing this 3-4 times a day is an excellent way to de-stress. Or refer to #1 (above) because exercise is proven to reduce stress too. Stressing out about what happened in our past or what we think may happen in our future is a little silly. The past is over, we can’t do a darn thing about it, we need to let it go. And the future is yet to be determined. 9 times out of 10 the thing we believe might happen never happens. So be in the moment, breathe often and deeply, and take time to do the little things on a regular basis. Play ball, enjoy that hobby, create a regular game night with the family, walk at sunset, read in the bathtub, enjoy funny movies, book great seats at a comedy show, or do whatever makes you smile, relax and feel balanced. If your career is stressful consider working from home. One company that allows you to work from home is Essanté Organics. Visit their Company – Careers page today and we wish you less stress and great happiness in all areas of life.