Essanté Organics

Public Health Warning Re: Organic & Toxic Free Products 

The President of Essanté Organics, Dr. J. J. Levine, D.C. has issued a public health warning regarding organic and toxic free products.

Dr. Levine shared this, “I felt compelled to issue these public warnings.  The use of the following products may have a profound impact on your physical health & social well being.  Please do not say I did not warn you.  Essanté Organics is busy building a complete catalog of toxic free and organic products.  While on the surface this appears to be a great thing, I felt obligated to share several cautionary warnings regarding several of their products. See below.”

1. ToxicFree® Citrus Body Butter works so well and lasts so many hours after an application, you must be careful when walking barefoot in your home because you may slip.

2. USDA Biobased Sparkle Toothpaste Polish whitens teeth so well, your smile may cause temporary visual impairment to those looking at you.

3. USDA Organic Lip Balms are so intensely moisturizing, your lips may slip off your spouse’s lips as you kiss them.

4. USDA Organic deodorant by Essanté Organics is so effective, your co-workers may accuse you of not breaking a sweat or working hard enough.

5. ToxicFree® Sun Shine Sunless Self Tanning Lotion delivers such perfectly bronzed skin, your friends will enviously believe you’ve taken a vacation without them.

6. Energy essential oil blend, made with organic ingredients, may cause you to work very efficiently and earn promotions, this may make your co-workers jealous.

7. z3 Anti-Aging Trio (the 60 second ToxicFree® facelift) works so well, it may cause people to ask if your child is your sibling.