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as it relates to Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Daniele Chandler

According to The Free Dictionary by Farlex @, Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The law continues, even as one body acts upon another body, the force (F) of that action is equally felt by both bodies. For this examination, I lean toward the first portion of Newton’s Third Law in that every action will have an opposite reaction, in equal measure.

As our bodies absorb nutrients, water, and life-giving energy, our cells perform their tasks and we move along the stretch of our linear life cycle. As we exercise, we feel stronger. As we endure, we become capable of greater endurance. As we investigate, explore our curiosity, engage the natural question of our minds, we do, in fact, gather answers, grow in knowledge, and move one step closer to understanding ourselves and the world in which we exist.

With that in mind, I pose this “food for thought”. Considering what you put on and in your body, what equal measure of force or reaction are you initiating? How will your body react to the ingredients you introduce to it? Newton assures us, it will not only react, but react in equal measure.

Therefore, I encourage you to take positive action today: feed your body and your skin with healthful responsibly raised and cultivated, ToxicFree® products. Get your body moving in the right direction with Essanté Organics® The Organic Living Company® and reap your well-earned, healthful reaction.

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