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What The Heck Are Immune System T-Cells & Are Yours Weak Or Strong?

By Larry R.

The human body has an incredible God given ability to prevent and even self heal virtually every health issue we face when its immune system is unhindered. When the body is supplemented by organic plants, fruits, and vegetables, including essential oils and supplements, this ability is supported.

T-cell proliferation is essential for the body to build a healthy immune system.

What are T-cells?
T-cells are a type of white blood cell that circulate around our bodies, scanning for cellular abnormalities and infections.

What is the role of T-cells in the immune system?
T-cells are essential for human immunity. The devastating effects of a lower than normal number of just one type of T-cell are all too evident in HIV/AIDS. There are several different kinds of T-cells; broadly speaking they can be divided into two different types, killer T-cells and helper T-cells.

Killer T-cells:
Killer T-cells have ‘X-ray vision’ as they are able to see inside our bodies own cells simply by scanning their surface. This mechanism allows killer T-cells to hunt down and destroy cells that are infected with germs or that have become cancerous.

Helper T-cells:
The other main type of T-cells are called helper T-cells. Helper T-cells orchestrate an immune response and play important roles in all arms of immunity.

You can find out more about these cells using the links in this article.

It is important to study T-cells because almost every aspect of the adaptive immune response is controlled, in some way, by T-cells.

Multifunctional T-cells, according to have the ability to:
* Scan the intracellular environment for foreign invaders
* Directly kill virally or bacterially infected cells
* Naturally eradicate cancer cells
* Activate and help other immune cells that ingest germs or that make anti-infection molecules called antibodies
* Remember a germ that they encountered decades ago

T-cells are also responsible for immune responses that lead to:
* Rejection of a transplanted organ
* Virtually all autoimmune disease (diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.)
* Some allergic reactions (gluten intolerance etc.)

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